Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Experimenting with creativity

The fact that I didn't post for so long made my creativity boiling and I wanted an outfit both creative but stil wearable. Hopefully I kept the balance.

blue man's shirt given pink shirt bought on sale skirt & belt stradivarious scarf berska oxfords massimo dutti
So let's keep track ...I introduced stripes and dots with the shirts and pattern with the scarf and the skirt. I think the similar  color of the scarf and of the skirt tie the outfit together. But then again it might only be my idea,I'm not quite sure.
What I know for sure , however, is how short the skirt is. To give it a few extra inches I lowered it as much as I could under the shirts and I tied the belt a bit higher on my waist to make the lower part of my body look longer.
Lately, due to difficulty of renewing my clothes, I experiment with proportions( it cost nothing) and discovered for myself that changing the natural waist makes the same outfits look different and fit better.

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  1. I like the idea of experimenting with proportions and I'm just so glad to see you blogging again.