Thursday, 23 February 2012

LBD is basic...myth or reality?

With feelings moving between hope and desperation life still goes on and the happy laughter of my kids trully makes my day.

LBD and sweater   marks&spencer  scarf local summer shop  jacket berska

The truth is that the little black dress hasn't been in use as much as the style experts claim. But it has been there in a few formal  occassions and really saved my butt. Do you use your LBD as much or occassionally?


  1. I didn't even own a LBD until this year because it is basic, but too basic for my tastes. I'd always rather have color than black. That being said, the dress I do have is pretty versatile. I can say that for it.

  2. I don't own a LBD. I am not much of a dress person. If I found just the right one, I would probably get it, but I make do with separates. I love your scarf.

  3. Not as much as the fashion experts would predict! But I do like to grab it when I can't figure out what else to wear : > You look great!

  4. I have two black dresses and have worn each of them just once in the past 12 months. Hurray, that children are oblivious to so much of what goes on around them.

  5. I LOVE mine...use it all the time since I can make it work as a skirt or dress. I love finding new ways to layer it, and it makes a great and stylish background for statement scarves, jewelry, or bright tights and funky shoes. Challenge yourself to find more ways to wear yours...I think you would style it wonderful ways!

    <3 Cambria