Monday, 27 February 2012

Monochromatic green

I've been really productive this weekend. Not having stepped my foot in a shop since the begining of January meant  I had to do something to add new stuff to my wardrobe. I've been refashioning my jewellery like crazy. The web is full of wonderful ideas and I plan to photograph all that I've refashioned or made so far.

collar necklace  made by me    pants stigma    belt skondras    cardi worn backwards zara  h shoes massimo dutti
This is one of my as monochromatic as it can be outfits. It's shades of green with a bit of unexpected cardigan worn backwards once again. It's such an easy way to feel I have something new.

This collar necklace is one of the things I made. I just recycled a piece of fabric of my silk dress and I made myself a collar necklace. I made the template, cut a left over faux leather piece to it and glued the fabric. Easier than going out to shop and took my mind away from the political situation in my country,too. It's becoming a sort of therapy. I'm drawn to creativiy as if my life depended on it. It keeps me balanced to know that at the end of the day I will sit down and create something when my country and the world around me as I knew it is falling apart.
Excuse my constant rambling but it's something I've never experienced before.Have a nice week ,everyone!!!


  1. Angie--at our house, we've had many discussions about what we might be obliged to do if our economy collapsed. Creativity is an excellent outlet. I love the monochrome here--especially the necklace. The times I've tried to wear my cardigans backwards they don't look nearly as nice as your version.

  2. Oh I love your green pants. Such a pretty color and your jewelry looks so good with it.

  3. I so admire your creativity - this necklace is wonderful (I think I remember the dress).

  4. Just love monochromatic outfits...and those pants are so fun! Great necklace that you made...I'm still jealous and totally want one.

    <3 Cambria