Thursday, 2 February 2012

I thrifted the skirt back in the summer for a couple of euros , a great price in everyway even more so as it's of excellent quality both in fabric and sewing. Back in the summer it was a midi skirt but this trend was not my cup of coffe so I shortened it a few weeks ago.

skirt thrifted -stripes zara- belt & scarf stradivarious

This way the skirt is a lot more user friendly. Actually I got inspired by sweet Shey that has a great collection of shortened skirts. I feel proud of my outfit today because I managed to incorporate stripes with pattern and color.

There is a little story behind the bangle. As you all know by now there is an undeniable financieal insecurity for my family but I still manage to add little new things to my wardrobe as this bangle.The good thing is that it cost me nothing as I had the bangle via swap and the fabric. I just sort of followed the instructions and voila ...a brand new accessory. There will be more I warn you. Now that I come to think of it I can transform all my bangles and have a brand new collection just by using a bit of fabric and thread. I think you should try that , too.


  1. That skirt is a wonderful find and I can see you pairing it with an entire range of colors, as well as the multiple patterns that you have here. Yes, small things can keep us cheery in troubling times.

  2. I love the pattern mixing! It is something i am not so good at!

  3. Great job of pattern mixing!! It works!!

  4. Love your pattern mixing - this outfit is so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. you have great style. i love how you accessorize scarves, you look fab!