Friday, 17 February 2012

Grey pattern and gold

I made this simple A line skirt last autumn and wore it a few times ever since. It's a nice pattern very much 70s. If I weren't kind of lazy I could have made 20 more but ...never mind.

Skirt made by me cardigan zara golden shirt gift from my mom accessories stradivarious

See ,how lazy I am? I never made it to iron the skirt before wearing it. My biggest problem though was how to bring down this golden shirt. Too formal for day wear ,too much shine if you know what I mean. Choosing a serious grey cardi hopefully did the trick. See, too busy to iron !

It's worth noting that the patterned fabric is actually vintage from the 70s and it's of excellent quality which proves how badly contemporary fabrics are made.


  1. Very nice fabric, indeed! I rally like this whole look, the shine of the blouse is set off by the knit sweater, perfect!

  2. I don't think the gold blouse is too formal for day. I often wear shiny fabrics during the day. I love this outfit on you. The gray cardi is an excellent choice for your top layer. Very chic.

  3. Love the mix of colors and the belt/sash. Very nice! I love the shade of the tights, too: very rich and sumptuous looking. (I'm a sucker for good-looking tights). Who needs to iron?

  4. Oh, this is great. I love the patterns and textures and the blue of the tights is just perfect!

  5. I have a blouse like this and I worry about the same. This outfit really works...and I may try a variation this week.