Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Experiment with color combinations

Today's outfit was the result of experimenting with color combinations.Green pants and pale blue shirt looked good in my head but not so good in reality until I grounded both with a black cardi.

green pents stigma  black cardigan marks &spencer shoes zara
I've got to come clean for the shoes though.They are summer shoes worn with socks but so slippery to wear in the real world. So I changed them to go out.

The collar is made by me. Just a piece of  fabric glued on a fake leather leftover.


  1. Hey I think the blue/green looks amazing together!!! LOVE your idea to put cute fabric on a necklace.

    <3 cambria

  2. Love the green pants. I am looking for a pair for spring.

    And I think you're right about this outfit needing to be grounded with the black cardigan. It looks great.

  3. I like the pairing of green and black. Have not tried socks with sandals that have a heel, but for years I wore my Birkenstocks year round.