Saturday, 25 February 2012

Silk memories

I don't know about you but I prefer to get dressed and then take my photos and a bit later in the day to put it all together in a post. I don't take all the photos of the week in just one session or plan ahead in any way. This way each post is new and fresh to me  and keeps my interest. I don't like writing about older outfits , it feels like cheating although I understand that a busy scedule can easily make someone do it. I also understand that sometimes I get into a creative mood and once I start I want to wear and photograph many outfits. Today's outfit is a few days old and a product of this kind of creative mood.

silk dress  handmade by my aunt  belt zara  obi belt  by me  fake fur collar by stradivarious
This dress was made by my aunt back in the beggining of the 80s and I have strong memories of my mother wearing it. She was about the age I'm now. I shortened it a few weeks ago but I did a bit too much shortening. 

I wish you all a happy weekend!!!


  1. This is definitely one of my favorites on you. That dress is such a gorgeous color and all of the accessories are just perfect with it. Such a wonderful color combination.

    And I'm like you, I don't plan my posts ahead in any way. It's what I wore to work the day I post it. I'm not good at planning ahead and if I took photos ahead of time and didn't actually wear the outfits the day I posted, it'd feel dishonest to me.

  2. About once a month, I will do a grand styling and picture taking event. My schedule is very busy and it is useful to have photos to work with on the blog. This past week, I tried to do a daily challenge and just getting the photos taken was a hurdle...writing about them was an entire different challenge. I didn't post daily.

    This color looks beautiful on you. I don't think that you over shortened it.

  3. Your mom's dress is gorgeous (did you make your cuff from the same fabric?) and I think the length is perfection. Silk is a fabric that always looks chic. Love the surfing (?) obi-scarf!

  4. The color & the print of this dress is really gorgeous. I love the 3rd look the best...the belt is so pretty!
    I hope you have a great week Angie!
    Btw, I also love your pink and yellow outfit posts!

  5. I love the fun mix of textures, colors and prints! And what a great dress--your aunt is a talented seamstress!

  6. Ooooooooh the colours are so vibrant and saturated, I loooove it! Great styling.

    <3 Cambria