Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Color and texture

When reality is not of my taste I often seek comfort in colorful outfits . A bit of color lifts the spirit and a fluffy sweater makes me feel pampered and warm.

pink pants on a sale fluffy sweater from local market turtleneck top zara shoes reebok
What I like about this outfit is how the black details bring down the colors a bit and make the outfit a bit more age appropriate. What feels a bit strange to me but I welcome it is the texture of the sweater which is fluffy and so soft. Playing around with texture is a learnt ability that I plan to explore this year. This outfit is just baby steps.


  1. Love the texture of the sweater! I like the way you have mixed the patterns of circles(in the necklace) and stripes. Very chic.

  2. the sweater looks like a great piece. I have a pair of pale pink pants very similar to yours.