Sunday, 18 October 2015

Autumn decisions

Happy autumn ,everyone! It's this time of the year that I always think about where i want to take my blogging next. I had some free time in summer and took it easy with my style choices. I had a sort of break, a break I'm all too eager to stop it now. 
This is because I'm working again and I will get dressed first thing in the morning, everyworking day, for the next 9 months and I want to document my outfits.
The other reason is that I go to work everyday passing through the main shopping streets and I know I will be adding somethings to my existing wardrobe that I want to document.

 So, this weekend I got down to work and took my camera out SONY a37 dslr ( 18-50mm lens) and my tripod and I did some research on how to make some decent fotos without sweating it that much.
My purpose is to be able to document my outfits everymorning as soon as I'm ready to get out the door. 
I want a simple point, pose, shoot on timer and go procedure and I think I nailed it. I designed everything to be simple so I will not miss a single outfit. Not much posing, no photoshop after, just shoot in the morning and post later in the evening. I want sort of a chronicle of what I wear.
I've been doing this for years of course but this time I want to do it more systematically. That's my goal for the next season.

 The jacket is thrifted, the scarf is gifted and the leggings are bought from Tally Weill last week.

 The jewels are in the family,vintage,well loved and will pass on to my daughter! Sentimental value!
Shoes  Anesia
The bag is real leather and the size of it has become a favorite. I carry it everywhere from school to shopping to nights out with my husband or family walks.
The shoes are the newest addition. They are flats because I value comfort and they are of burgundy color because it's one of my favorites and it's a trend this winter, yeah!!!

Have a great week!

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