Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New top after a long time

Another casual outfit and the 4th day in a row that I post. I wore my jeggings, my favourite red shoes and a top I bought on sales last August. I would describe it as chaki colour, adorned with lace. It has a feminine cut, too and I got many positive comments today about my top.
The children at school went crazy about my necklace, especially about the fringe!

                         Top is from Anna Riska, jeggings and necklace from Zara group and shoes are 
                     St. Oliver

                                 Snake skin bag and red shoes are a match in heaven,aren't they?

I promise to meet you here tomorrow! See what I will be wearing. I haven't figured anything out , yet.


  1. I love the snakeskin and red. It gives me the same feeling as snakeskin and navy blue. Edgy with a touch of the classic.

  2. I love the red shoes with this outfit. I really like the jeggings on you too. I considered some recently but wasn't sure if I would style them well. They do see, to look good with a tunic style top and some cute heels and I don't wear heels much. You are causing me to reconsider though, because you look so great. xoxo

  3. Please, go on and style jeggings! They are so easy to wear! You can wear with flats or sneakers, you will adore, once you try and they are so figure flattering! Do try and post the photos !