Friday, 30 October 2015

Hand sewn silk sleevless cardigan

This outfit was created around the silk piece of fabric you see coming out of my jacket. The story behind this item is that it had been given to me by my 80 years old aunt who used to be a seamstress. I've been toying around with it for some time but silk is difficult to sew so I never ventured until this summer. For a while, I was into researching( the scientific term for endless hours of Pinterest) very  basic patterns of sewing mostly from Japanese magazines. Then, I came across groups that were into hand sewing only. When I saw this video and this video I decided to make a long scarf cardigan. This is how I wore it.

 I don't know why I chose a sporty look to go with it but I don't regret it now that I see the photos.

Outfit details: Silk cardigan/hand sewn, top/Anna Riska, Jeggings/Stradivarious, Jacket/thrifted( Made in Canada), shoes( Marks& Spencer), necklace/Berska, sunglasses/ thrifted 

On another note, I went thrifting today since last spring. I scored 4 beige/tan sweaters (new) for 8 euros.
I will post photos and will wear them soon enough because a bit of cold weather is required and there is no sign of cold weather in Crete, yet.( not that I complain!).
I can see a pattern developing about my thrifting habits here. I work in a school as a teacher which means 9 months of everyday different outfits. That's when I blog the most and thrift the most. In summer time the need for dressing( other than very casual staying at home or going to the beach) is limited. That's when I usually don't post often or when I purge like mad. Only the most favorites of the winter thrifting extravaganga stay.( I exept here the days I work/help my husband for AutoRentals-Crete)
And then I go back to school and off I start again. 
I believe that because I managed to tidy effectivelly my house the KonMarie method and took the Project 333 I was able to clearly see the pattern.
How about you? Do you notice similar patterns in your dressing/thrifting experience?


  1. Dear Angue, what an amazing combination. Long and short together with this amazing piece from your aunt. Have a nice Sunday, xoxo Tina

  2. would like to see the whole silky thing!
    but the mix of sporty and romance you did here is fab! for me the only way to wear "romance" without sugar overdose :-)
    since i´m most of the time at home&garden in the middle of nowhere i wear most of the time housedresses or old skirt&blouse/sweater combos in which i would never enter the streets. that means my "civil" clothes get very few wearings - so they stay fine very long. the more then good quality does the rest. conclusion: absolutely no shopping needed!
    and that´s totally fine for me because i hate shopping. even in thrift shops - the last times hubby was scoring the racks for me while i read a book. he´s my personal shopper! :-)

  3. I thought about it when I saw the photos, that I had to post the whole silk cardigan as well. As for the mix I took your advice, cause I trust your talent in styling,about inserting a touch of irony in my outfits. It was so helpful that you put it in the right words because the punk element/ philosophy is so close to me.( Punk was established to oppose the neo-liberalism politics that were forced upon British society back in the 80s which is very close to what we experience in Greece.)

  4. So sweet your hubby knows your style and can shop the right pieces for you! My hubby knows my style very well,too because he is a very observative/smart person. Readind a book while someone is thrifting for you sounds great. Me, I couldn't consetrate on the book because I so love the hunting part!