Saturday, 31 October 2015

Thrift again! Yeah!

This outfit is based around my newly thrifted simple and basic sweater. It's the first of the 4 sweaters I thrifted last Friday. I love how its  quiet presense helps to show off my old flower scarf ( so many accent colors in there) and my new burgundy leggings.
The perfect buddy for creating so many outfits!

 I seem to prefer my family jewellery lately like the ring that is what my mum wore when engaged and the bracelet that is mine since I was 6 years old and because it's adjustable, I can still wear and enjoy all the more.
 The ring belongs to my teenage daughter who is happy that somebody found a use for it since it is absolutely not her style, as she puts it.

Outfit details: sweater/ Classic Woman- Thrifted 2 euro, Scarf/Stradivarious, leggings/Tally Weijll, shoes/Berska, nail polish/ Chanel 455 Lotus Rouge

 In a haste, I took some fotos of my thrifted sweaters. I'll be building outfits around them in November. It was rainy today so maybe colder days are coming.

 All in beige/tan color, basic and 2 euro each!
Two of them have wool in the blend. 
The cardigan is cotton blend. 
I had forgotten the joys of thrifting!
The truth is that if I want to keep on blogging I need to rely on thrifting. But mostly I thrift because I want my money to stay locally and because it's better for our planet.


  1. yeah for thrifting!! YES!!!
    all 4 sweaters are a very versatile canvas for different styles - and the colors suit you!!! with your own strong coloring you can easily wear this hues!
    love the flowery scarf - very pretty!!!

  2. If I want to put some fuel to my hobby, then it has to be thrifting. I feel the need at this moment of my life to present my outfits everyday-but I don't want to spend a lot of money. Just a small amount to add fresh , interesting pieces,in the concept of recycling what is already there. But a few retail pieces are nessesary as well. Like pants in colors,are a bit difficult to find while thrifting.

  3. One should have such basic things as these sweaters in one's wardrobe because indeed they will look good in so many different outfits. Cool leggings! And I love your ring and the bracelet, simple and elegant pieces!

  4. Thrifting is good for our planet and it brings a lot of fun. More Bloggers have to do this. Not always new fast fashion. More eyes for good material and colour. You do it right. I like the sweaters... you look great. The scarf is amazing.... my english bad ;)
    Have a nice day and thanks to your visit on my blog an your lovely words, Tina

  5. Such a great feel when you bring in something new to your closet and pair it with something you have not worn in ages, totally works.
    And YES answering your question, I do go back sometimes and look at how I've evolved…. and i want to think its for the best, just like you.

  6. The sweaters are great finds, Kelly! I think they make a very good 'canvas' for your lovely accessories.