Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Practice makes perfect

Another day, another way. Today a totally different outfit created itself and I did nothing for it. All pieces stood out of all others in my closet and I just wore them. As soon as I took the photos I noticed how well coordinated everything is. Practice makes perfect like they say.

Burgundy pants ( a color much in fashion right now but always a favorite of mine) match the color of my hair (not really visible in the photos) and the ring matches the shirt and my eyes. The scarf ties everything together and the bag is a bit off, so that not everything is matchy-matchy.

Details of my outfit: Pants/Zara, Jacket/thrifted, shirt/Anna Riska, silk scarf/thrifted, ring/Berska


  1. Very nice look !!!

    I loved the detail of the neckerchief.

    Cheers pretty!!!


  2. everything looks great together! love that bag.


  3. That jacket is perfect. I'll bet you will get lots of wear from it as it's a great colour to span the seasons.

  4. Oh yes Angie. You re right. You look fabulous.
    Have a nice day, xoxo Tina

  5. once we only have things that we love in our closet then we can dress in the dark! without a mirror :-)
    love all the colors here!!!

  6. I love this look! It's both timeless and very modern. The colors are beautiful and suit you so nicely.