Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm slow fashioned

shirt gifted  skirt swapped  scarf  silk m&s  shoes discounted  belt  zara old 
Does the term slowfashioned exists? Or how about slowfashionable? Can I say that for today's outfit?
It's 1/5 gifted because the shirt was given to me by a friend who diddn't use it much .
It's 1/5swapped and that's the skirt.
It's 1/5 discounted and it's the shoes. An unwanted new pair won in a contest was given to me and I brought it back to the shop I bought something I really liked and paid the difference .An extra bonus is that's locally made.
It's 1/5 something I have with me for seven years and I enjoy wearing .It's the belt which I also have in black.
And I saved for last the expensive silk scarf which is of great quality and pattern and I can even wear in the summer time.
 It's a pretty basic outfit exept for the shoes but it felt special to me because I can call it slow fashion and because I consciously selected each item for less harm on the environment.
I bet you can also cook up a slowfsahioned outfit ,can't you?
Thanks to polaroin I can look like this, too.

What do you think?


  1. My outfit today is a cardigan I have had for 14 years, a vintage dress bought cheap at a vintage fair, ancient sandals, and leggings bought at a jumble sale. All jewellery is thrifted. Slow fashion all the way for me!
    I love your classic look, the neutrals are pepped up by the fabulous shoes! xxx

  2. it may be slow fashioned, but I think it is also fashion forward!! Its really really cute!

  3. Perfect classic outfit. Love the neutrals with the leopard pumps. And you look absolutely gorgeous with your hair up!

  4. I've been looking for something that will do that kind of photo. I was cleaning out and found 2-3 old Polaroids from when my children were growing up. I wished I could get that effect on a couple of other photos so I could make a cutesy display of them. You've solved my problem!

    I can't believe someone would swap that skirt, it's so flattering.

    1. I 'm so happy I helped.Sharing via the net is one thing I absolutely love.

  5. It's a cute post and a cute look. I know that I follow someone that goes by the name Slow-Fashioned on twitter and they are mostly about being environmentally caring about our clothing.

  6. Lady, this look is SEXY, just sayin!! Probably my personal fave!! Have a great day!!!