Monday, 25 June 2012

I know what you did last summer

tops(left to right)berska,zara,swapped,zara   bottoms(left to right)sewn by me,thrifted,thrifted,berska    shirt worn as vest thrifted
This is the backyard of my house where I took the photos last summer.Since then I improvised a small studio (just two white sheets) to put the emphasis more to the outfit. I prefer the same steady background everyday also because I'm too shy to take my photos around the neighbourhood.

 Talking about my style is mostly talking about the evolution of it. If I compare my style now to my style last summer I would say that it feels more me now.
Pencil skirts are my new favorite and they fit me more . Slim pants just above the ankle do miracles for my figure and belts and necklaces are still a favorite of mine.
From what I can see I have more unexpected color combinations and more interested tops and bottoms choices.
I still like thrifting and remixing.
But the biggest change of all is that I felt it wasn't fair not to show my face to my fellow bloggers .
As to the direction I want to go in the future I can say that I want to buy a few luxury pieces once or maybe twice a year and improve my shoes collection.
What about you? Do you compare your style from year to year? Do you learn from it? And is there anything more you can spot in my style evolution that I dont?


  1. I definitely feel I get more sure of myself and less worried about what anyone else thinks of how I dress! I would say that you seem more confident too, maybe that's just because you aren't scared to show your face now, but I also get a sense that your style is more assured and polished as well. You're looking great! xx

  2. Hello Angie!! Thanks a lot for your visit and kind comment on my blog! I find yours very interesting too. Would you like to follow eacht other??
    BTW great evolution style!!! ;-)

  3. I love these fun outfits!

  4. It is indeed always interesting to see what I was wearing a year ago and see how my style has changed. I would say that I am more daring now, but the basic feel of my outfits is still the same. I really love all of these looks of yours, you definitely have incredible style :)

  5. I too in the beginning was reluctant to show my face on my log posts but now I don't mind but still I keep my shades on.. :) Change is good!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY.. where Fashion and Food collide!

  6. amazing outfits :)

    I hope you could visit my blog and maybe we could follow each other? :)

  7. I like the shirt as vest, that should make a comeback.

  8. What a difference the plain background makes. It really does emphasize your outfit.

  9. I like your blog, I like your style, everything is fine!
    If you like my blog, we can follow each other)))