Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It's in the detail

I'm getting there with the house cleaning and it seems I will relax this weekend to finally pamper  myself and meditate for the begining of a different school year in the middle of an economic crisis that threatens to become a humanitarian crisis leading to social unrest.
But enough with the pessimistic stuff , I 'm still here , healthy and ready to help and inspire  my students .This smile goes out for them and their families.(Don't I look teacher-y???)

On to the outfit now. It was inspired by the androgynous trend hence the denim shirt and the oxfords and the bold colors trend .

But what I love about this outfit is the scarf which I found in the local  fruit market on a stall full of scarves many of which were pure silk. The red flowers against the blue background are exactly the same as the flowers on the latest Prada bags only different colors.

You are right to notice that I need two watches to keep track of time and not get carried away when I do something. I tend to multi task and lose it at one point so I really need a watch or two to  keep me focused.

That's why I love styling...I've worn the same clothes a couple of times before but not with the denim shirt tucked this way . This styling detail makes my outfit feel fresh to me .
Hope you'll have a nice week and to all teachers out there have a happy creative school year , everyone!


  1. You look so beautiful today and these colors are for you!! Love the look!

  2. Love your look! Hope you have a good year at school. You should also do the link up today for everybody every wear: back to school. (http://www.everybodyeverywear.com)

  3. You look gorgeous. I love your lip color and that scarf is just fabulous. I also love green and leopard like nobody's business. It is the best.

  4. Beautiful colours, and I am loving your gorgeous close ups! xx

  5. Great outfit, Angie - I love the two timepieces, and the scarf. Best wishes as your school year begins!

  6. I love the scarf tucked in like this and the huge face on the watch. Your smile is very reassuring--something your students must value. I worry too about social unrest and have read some dire warnings for 2013.