Sunday, 16 September 2012

How to wear basic grey with purple

My heart is still on holidays but my body is getting ready for school tomorrow. This is what I'm going to wear but phorograph today because I have the time. Basic black skirt and my new grey tshirt. I dig in my closet and took out my purple scarf and bling ring for you to enjoy. 

 I love how purple and grey go together and how easy it is to style grey. It practicaly goes with any color except of brown maybe.

 So here is to the begining of a creative week . May we all make many good and fun things before next weekend arrives.


  1. The purple makes the outfit, Angie, and the gorgeous ring! xxx

  2. Purple and gray definitely look great on you. I really like your shoes! Good luck with school.

  3. I think grey and purple is one of my all time favorite color combos!! Purple looks so good up against your face and complexion. Have fun at school...I will be there tomorrow as well!

  4. Purple and grey are such lovely colours together. A much-beloved combo for me. Hope the first day of school was great for you!