Friday, 21 September 2012

Equestrian style

 I found the scarf I'm wearing in a pile of scarves in a local market. It's good quality ,second hand and equestrian themed...and there it hit me ...from all the styles out there I'm gonna love and wear equestrian style this winter.
What another change in style ? the negative voices in me asked and although I don't have to justify myself I will say that first I love to evolve my style and second  I fell in love with how practical and elegant this style is .As a bonus it accomodates my love for scarves and boots.
I hope you see why I'm all happy .It's because I've pinned my style for the whole winter which means very targeted minimal shopping as I already have so many pieces that qualify for the style. All I really need is a couple of skinny  or jodpur like pants and I'm done. Of course I don't have the horse....but who cares ...I prefer walking.
Get a closer look of the scarf that helped me sort out my winter style which led to a massive but quick edit of my wardrobe. I without hesitation put away in the attic all my clothes that don't qualify for equestrian.
On a second note the buckles of my leather bag  soo qualify for the style.
So does my Cartier-esque watch and some of my accessories although equestrian style is not heavily accessorised .You don't want to mess with jewellery while riding your you?

Or maybe this massive attraction to the style that was once  of the rich is a strange reaction to my worries that we will end up all poor in Greece just working for a piece of bread which is a strong possibility beleive it or not.

The best part is you can get away with a messy bun or a pony tail and still look polished. For more inspiration check out my page in Pinterest .Photos say it better than words. Have a peaceful weekend ,everyone.


  1. Your scarf is a great find and you look lovely! I believe equestrian is a trend this fall season.

  2. I really love equestrian for this fall too. And, one of the things I like most about it is that it can be easily found at second-hand stores so I don't have to spend a lot.

  3. You are wearing the equestrian style beautifully Angie. I love the way you simplify your style.

  4. Beautiful find Angie! Especially, it goes so well with your red lipstick and turquoise earrings!

  5. You always have such nice scarves and this one does not disappoint!