Saturday, 8 September 2012

House cleaning and a basic outfit

 I love how basics make for nice outfits with the least of effort as I'm in the middle of a huge autumn cleaning of my whole house !
This is exactly the expression on my face when I look at the mess my house is at the moment. Am I ever gonna clean this place?

 But then , in the middle of all this I take time to photograph what I wore when I went shopping this morning and photos like the above happen...
 And then I just smile and go on with the chores....

By the way ,I put some effort to make up today and this gesture of love to myself has helped to keep my spirit up...
  Having my nails painted black brings scrubbing the dirt away to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, this is the best photo I could get of the outfit so you have to use your imagination to get the whole picture of it. Sorry, it rarely happens!


  1. Black and red are a classic combination, and you look so beautiful!
    Ugh to cleaning... Hope you get everything sorted out soon. xxx

  2. Love the black nails! They seem more elegant on you than on others I've seen -- I think because of how they combine with the skirt and scarf.

  3. The accessories are so lovely! The whole outfit is just fab.

  4. I will have to try this the next time I decide to clean house!

  5. You look beautiful! Love the scarf and the colors of you outfit....including the nail color!
    Surely, you don't clean looking this good?!