Friday, 13 April 2012

It's all about fitting

shirt thrifted& fitted   skirt sewn by me& fitted   shoes nina rossi   earrings mambo  necklace stradivarious   lace bracelet diy

Those who follow my blog for sometime know how I get exited about  certain things until I move to the next stage. Last year this time it was about minimalism and tomboy style. This year it's all about fitting and altering.
As my sewing skills grow ( I learn as I go through trial &error ,never had any classes until now) and my awareness about my body type becomes bigger it was only logical to step into the next level ...that of the elusive fit.
For years I couldn't understand what fit is all about let alone be able to say what fits me. It was lately that the lack of money( I say luck) to spend on clothes sort of pushed me to make tighter or shorter some of my clothes. It was then that I realised what fit was all about as the small changes I made transformed how the clothes looked on me.Both the skirt and the shirt are fitted on today's outfit . The former was an a line skirt and the latter was a man's shirt a couple of sizes bigger.
The next elusive thing I need to tuckle is high heels....really.
How do you feel about fit? Was it as elusive to you as it was to me?


  1. I can't believe your blouse was once a men's shirt. I have a small pile of things I'm planning to alter over my spring break, but I really need to get the sewing machine out...

  2. Some items are easier to alter than others.

  3. You are so is critical! I have articles of clothing in my closet that aren't necessarily the best color, but they fit me so well that they are flattering. Great post!
    And lovelovelove this top on you!
    XO - Marion

  4. Fit was VERY elusive for me, for a long time. When I tried clothes on, I didn't always understand that SHAPE and proportion were things to look at. It was almost as though those elements operated on a frequency that I didn't hear.

    I think I'm better now, though I still find myself, at times, not knowing if something fits "right" or not. But I've learned, through trial and error, how small changes make a big difference. I will have alterations done now, which I never used to do. (And I love your shoes, by the way! See, to me, those ARE heels. No, really!)

  5. I agree that fit is really important--it can make or break an outfit. But I can't seem to do any tailoring myself--although I hope one day that will change. Until then, I just try to buy clothes that fit well, because I know that realistically I won't take them to a tailor!

  6. Those shoes are darling! Love the carmell-y leather.

    <3 Cambria

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