Saturday, 21 April 2012

You don't see but it's yellow polka dots

jeans zara fitted  yellow polka dots top thrifted&altered  shoes boxer

No matter  what I did today there seemed to be no way to line the photos correctly. But I believe that the vibe of my outfit comes across so I just leave it like that. After all I've got kids to feed and it's getting late already.
This outfit is totally touched by me and let me explain. I bought these pants because I liked the fabric but the fit was terrible (wide legs,long) and didn't flatter my body. So I shortened and skinified them and that made a huge difference and for me now fit is the most importand factor for an outfit.
As for the top, I went thrifting with this summer's trends in mind esp pale colors and scored this pale yellow polka dot top for very little money but it was too big so I took out my sewing machine and did what I had to do. All in all I'm so happy to dress trendy and still save  my money. Mission complet.


  1. the green beads with the yellow top is a fabulous look. I snapped a photo today of me in my most comfy jeans. It was very distressing--as I felt like a million bucks and looked awful. I think a few alterations would be in order.

  2. Hi Angie, it's nice to meet you! I'm a (very nearly) 40-something blogger... found you through the Other Side of Gray - I love your philosophy about wearing what's in your wardrobe and mixing in a few new things, I like to think I do the same!

    Catherine x

  3. Such a cute top - LOVE the yellow polka dots!

    The Other Side of Gray