Monday, 30 April 2012

Color break

shirt husband's fitted    skirt zara      necklace,bracelet ,earrings diy
I'm too much into colors lately and I kinda got bored . So today I was in the mood for a monochromatic outfit preferably with earth colors. I looked into my closet and there it was my husbands chaki shirt which I fitted a few weeks ago and my trusted zara skirt which can be worn in a thousand color combinations -no kidding.
Well,it seemed a bit boring so out goes the crochet necklace I made in winter and the earrings and the  old bracelet I covered with fabric.
The red shoes seemed the only choice.Do you ever feel annoyed by all this color mania on the web?


  1. Well, I think you should wear what you feel like wearing, never mind what anyone else says!
    I love colour, but i like monochrome too, and those earthy shades really suit you. Love the red shoes!
    PS. Wearing a pastel pink skirt today, I thought of you! xx

  2. It's not boring, it's simple. There is a difference. And earth tones really do suit you.

  3. I love the combination of brown colors--though I would still add a bold color at the neckline. I notice I've been buying brown things in the thrifts lately...though I've not worn it yet on the blog. I know I've seen some great polyvores pairing beige and brown with white and/or grey.

  4. Well, I'm still loving and I supposed an active participator in the colour mania on the web! I think it's good that it's all about colour as more women should colour I believe, but it also depends on what type you are (more info on that on my blog today if you're interested). This outfit looks good though, but I still love the colour accents (shoes, bracelet and necklace) best!

  5. I'm definitely obsessed with bright colors, and wear them all the time, but I should try toning it down every now and then and wearing neutrals, because this outfit of yours looks lovely. The colorful crocheted necklace was the perfect thing to add - I'm so impressed that you made it!