Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to revamp your earrings

Last evening I needed a pick me up thing to do and revamping my old earings seemed the right thing to do. I changed my old earrings into something festive and
So my outfit for today had to be as simple as possible so my red earrings and red nail polish  pop out.( the photo doesn't show the earrings clearly but you get the real thing in the tutorial that follows)

This is what you will need : Just old earrings ,colorful thread/string in any color you fancy and this simple gold chain or any other kind of chain you like .

You grab the thread and the chain and hold it together . See which way is easier for you to fold the thread around the chain and start.
Keep on folding...It gets easier and easier.

                                                     That's the end result in less than a quarter.

                                   I 'm so proud of the end result so I hope you don't mind another photo.

P.S If you feel inspired enough to revamp your earrings please send me a link to your blog to check and comment. Have a nice weekend to all.


  1. Nicely done !
    these look spectacular :)

  2. FABULOUS!! I'd wear those in a heartbeat! Sometimes my DIY's look to DIY-y, you know what I mean? Your earrings however, look beautiful! Merry Christmas!!! ~Serene

  3. So pretty, Angie - thanks for sharing your DIY.

  4. Oh my gosh...those earrings turned out so awesome! Really cool idea!

  5. these are amazing you clever thing!! I would never thought of doing this! bet they look great on!