Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Practice makes perfect

strippes bluemarine-floral zara/-skirt berska
This week between Christmas and New Year is the soonest of the year . The days go by in a flash and with kids at home all day plus their friends real world outside the house is non -existant.
Living my fairytale and given the fact I'm on my third year of this blog I went a bit more daring with my outfits and took a dive into pattern mixing world.

 I'm not yet sure how it goes but I figure that if  the colors of the different patterns match then I have big  chances for a successful combination.

       If jewellery combines well it's a match made in heaven.

strippes bluemarine-tartan given to me-faux leather skirt no idea
I made a second attempt to mix patterns and to my amazement  even if the colors don't match the result can be good or even better. So rule of thumb <<   Always try on your chosen patterns>>. It might not look good on the hanger but great on you.

    Both blouses were given to me by a friend and were hiding in my closet .  The tartan was an unflattering tunic shape so I shortened it .

Successful or not I will keep on trying to mix fabrics. After all one thing I know for sure is that practice makes perfect.

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  1. I love that super-wide, woven belt soooooo much! And some of those combos are really eye-catching! I don't feel confident with pattern mixing, at all, but I think you're starting to really capture something there. (Love the last photo, especially).