Monday, 26 December 2011

Go global

jeans peackoks- tshirt zarra -coat burberries-scarf zarra-shoes all star-bag vogue-earrings diy

Kids play seek and hide with friends in the house while I try to write this post. They are noisy and full of life. That's exactly how I felt during the day and it had a lot to do with my new Convers All stars. It was a well planned addition and they look as good as they feel on my feet. On holidays , there is always a lot of running around involved.
With the addition of my coat and the stripes I think I have an all american -french outfit. Voila ! global in a good way !


  1. Hello Angie, you are fabulously global today! Love your new sneakers.

  2. Love the stripes with the red All Stars. Very French/All-American! A great mix.

    Hope you're enjoying the holidays!