Monday, 23 April 2012

White pants found

White pants thrifted and altered  denim shirt berska cardigan zara shoes stefania

It might be funny and trivial but I 've been looking for a pair of white jeans for the last two years. There were tons of outfits that I couldn't recreate because I missed this basic element. The main problem was that the fabrics were not thick enough for my level of modesty. But last Wednesday was my lucky day and while thrifting I bumped into this pair. New and in need of some minor alterations.
So here it is paired with denim shirt and bright colored cardigan , animal print details and a bright colored bag I own for 3 years now .


  1. Perfect white pants are so hard to find!! They're always too see through :( I'm glad you finally found the perfect pair, because white pants are always so chic (of course as long as they're not see through!!)

    Natasha ~

  2. I am so jealous! I've been searching for white pants/jeans for years now as well. And hate how sheer most of them are. But you seem to have found the perfect pair. I don't know what alterations you made, but those pants look amazing on you!

  3. You look gorgeous in the picture on the right...the entire outfit is fun!!

  4. I've had items I've searched for that long--so congratulations on finding the perfect pair. Your hair is getting so long.

  5. Stunning- I'm glad you finally found them!!