Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Refashion is my new crazyness

It's been raining cats and dogs the last few days and all my dressing was revolved around keeping me dry. So not much interest in style or at least something interesting I could document.
But because I'm a post addict I made a collage with all the jewellery I refashioned lately and I've been meaning to present to you.

I used fabric and lace , pearls and colorful strings to give new life to some of my jewelery. Some turned out right and some not so but the overall result left a sweet taste on my mouth and gave me tons of confidence and even a positive outlook that I so desperately need. I urge you to do some refashioning yourself and I deeply hope you enjoyed mine and that you got inspired. Have a good day!!!


  1. Oh, I have seen the black necklace with the red tassel yet. Here's to keeping dry. I keep reading about a volcanoe in Greece that is coming to life. Is that anywhere near you?

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  3. I love pearls combined with lace! :) They just have this amazing and classy result. :D

  4. uperoxi douleia koukla!eidika ta kollara kai ta pollixrwma vraxiolakia einai ta agapimena mou! love & kisses*