Thursday, 22 March 2012

My small jacket

The last two years jackets have conquered the fashion world  . Never before have we seen so many versions of jacket worn in so many ways and in so many different colors. In my opinion the reason why women loved jackets this time around is because they don't look so formal anymore.

shirt mango   scarf blanco   shoes massimo dutti   pants&jacket local shop 
That's how I styled it today with a shirt of course but also with an ethnic scarf ,tight pants and oxfords. Although I like the overall look I can't help but notice for the first time how small this jacket is. It's not my's smaller and I didn't know until now. Do things like that happen to you ,too?


  1. I love jackets. I don't know if you have ever seen What Not to Wear tv show, but Stacy & Clinton always say that jackets are the finishing piece to an outfit.
    Pretty much all my jackets don't close because I carry most of my weight around my middle. I can't afford to have everything tailored, so I just leave them open. I probably would anyway even if they did close. I notice that most of the actresses who wear jackets on tv generally wear them open and they look like they would not close, so I don't think yours looks too small at all.

  2. I've had jackets I purchased that were too small--for example, my torso on the top actually fits a petite, but I have long arms. I wonder if you need to roll the bottoms of the sleeve.

  3. Your jacket does not look too small to my eyes either - and I love how you styled it with a big scarf.