Monday, 19 March 2012

The green pants project

You think these pants remind you of something? You are not mistaken ! It's my trusted green pair that I wore in many ways since I bought last summer.
Here is what happened . Basicaly I'm in a non shopping mode for many months now. As I go down this road many interesting things happen . For one , I seem to fall back on strategies women had many years before consumerism hit the door and overwhelmed our society. For instance, I took to sewing ,altering my clothes and refashioning anything that takes my fancy.
The first project were the green pants that I altered to fit my body and give them a more modern twist.

green pants stigma  blue shirt sprider waistcoat zara  jacket from local shop necklace zara

This is a reminder of how I wore the pants recently. Notice how differently they look . Like new ,right?

And this is how I accessorised


  1. I love the way you show all of the different looks and I really like the green pants!

  2. Wow I'm impressed with how you transformed those pants--they turned out great! I wish I had your tailoring skills!

  3. Oh, wow, the alteration makes a remarkable difference! Makes me wonder what could happen if I just hemmed a couple of my longer colored jeans.