Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Happy smarty remixer

Wearing light fabrics in March is a sign that spring is here. Using both winter and summer clothes
is a sign that you are a smart remixer. Isn't this a kick in the....you know what of fast fashion retailers?

Biker's jacket and self made floral skirt are here to stay with my style no matter what style conaissers might say. We real life fashion bloggers are here to stay and decide what looks good on us!

I love rings against floral backgrounds

C'est moi smiling and a closer look of my beads against hot pink


  1. Still LOVE your hair...cute jacket and ring!!

  2. Love the colors in this look and the print of the skirt is great. Perfect transitional look!

  3. I love what your wrote here, Angie. We wear what looks good on us! And this looks great on you, love that jacket.