Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bolero overdressed

Ι'm spring cleaning since yesterday and I'm in that chaotic stage that everything is in the middle and the results of my effort are yet to be seen.
However I got dressed for the necessary round to the super market.

Dress Sprider, Bolero crocheted by me, Scarf Gucci but fake, accessories Berska, shoes thrifted

The earrings are refashioned by me and the tutorial you can find here

This is a light linen dress in a classic potato sack shape because of its loose structure. To give it more structure and hopefully wear it more often I put my bolero on top and used a scarf to tie it to my taste. I find this an idea worth trying a couple of times more in the future.
Take care and have a happy creative weekend

PS This post is dedicated to all my friends in Cyprus whose future is so much uncertain as we speak
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  1. great bolero., I really like this idea for a simple dress. : >

  2. You look great in this color blue, Angie! Wear this color often!!

  3. Wow! Such a beautiful outfit:)