Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Win -win situation

Visiting museums can be a very inspiring thing to do in the middle
of the week. And wearing florals can make me double inspired of the things to come. So today was a win -win situation

The story goes like this...I had picked the shirt and the yellow sweater to wear but inspiration striked and I added the floral waistcoat. I bought it last spring for a few cents and it's children wear but don't tell anyone.

Well I sense a theme here. My polka dot pink shirt could definitely be worn by kids

and floral bracelets can be kids favorites


and escorting primary school kids to the museum is inspiring but also exausting!

 So, I leave you now for a well deserved afternoon nap


  1. Enjoy a well-deserved nap! Love these spring colors on you today : >

  2. I love the pink and yellow together! Very much a springtime look.

    I also really love your new hairstyle. It is so flattering with your face.