Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dressing for me

Inserting more originality to my style is like walking on shaking ground.There are no safe choices anymore only the need to be creative.After a soul searching winter I dived into who I really am with the help of some self help books. One of the things i discovered is that I care too much of what others think and I behave accordinly by censoring myself.
Dressing this spring is springs from the need to wear what I feel like and force myself not to care of what others might think.

Last weekend I spent a lot of time reading the blog of Desiree and it was exactly the kind of inspiration I needed. So this outfit is dedicated to her for being brave enough to follow her heart and 
sharing her individual style with the rest of the world without a second thought of others opinions.

Shirt Berska  Lace top found on the beach one day  Pants Stradivarious(Zara group)  bag(thrifted)  jewellery(refashioned by me)

 So here I am with a lace top on top of my denim shirt, red lipstick, animal print bag, lots of bangles and blue/green nail polish, all in one outfit.

Hmmm feeling a bit weird but I will survive

I pilled my bangles and refashioned necklaces and proudly strode to school

Holding this tacky fake bag with pride cause I really like it

Love to hear what you think though!!!


  1. Hurray for you, dressing for yourself and expressing yourself. "Well behaved women rarely make history", the saying goes, so we might as well be authentic and proud. xoxoxoxo

  2. I love your new haircut! And good for you! You should feel fabulous in whatever you wear.

  3. I love the layering and the crochet / refashioned jewelery. Wear what makes you happy!

  4. What a beautiful lace blouse, looks lovely over the blue (and I don't care for blue!) Thanks for adding me to your google+ circle, sorry it took me so long to add you back! XXX Jet

  5. Hi there!

    You know you should not care what other people think, life is too short for that
    the only time i will care a bit more is if i have to go to a job interview apart from that i will dress the way i want!
    I love your layering, nice mix of textures
    GO GO GO girl!

    Ariane xxxx

  6. You look fantastic, I love the lace top layered over the denim, the fabulous bag and all your bangles. Once you break free from those shackles of convention it's impossible to go back to minimalism and rules, welcome to the club! xxx

  7. Wow, Angie, lovely and fancy girlish look! Lots of imaginations and dreams… Bravo!!