Thursday, 28 March 2013

Beads and pieces

The sunny weather seems to be the only thing on our side here in Greece. All other things seem to fall apart with each passing day. In the middle of this gloominess I dress to bring a bit of optimism in my days.

Skirt &bag thrifted  Tartan shirt  gift manifactured in local company Top berska(2005) Bright beads local market new addition

 Since I decided to leave the rules behind and follow my own path I seem to pile up things and bang... I have a result that brings me satisfaction .

Green beads bought for a euro (can't afford more for accessories) that I would pass before because they are not in, now are the pride of my outfit and I trully like.

            See how well spring and I and my bangles  get along?

And that's how Dimitris chose to photograph me ( by the way he gets more and more involved in taking my photos) to show my natural beauty,his own words

While I'm trying to write something inspirational here my teenage (he's14)son has asked me twice how he  could  give more volume to his hair cause girls like it and when maybe  can he pierce his ear cause girls kinda like it ,too.
What a mom who is supposed to follow her own path to true style is supposed to answer?

What would you answer?


  1. I am glad not to be alone in my thoughts and feelings.
    Following EVERYWHERE and adding you to my blogroll this second.

  2. That tartan shirt is sooooo great. I love tartan! Tartan for everyone! You look like you're having fun, and I too am a big believer in wearing things that bring you joy when times are tough xo

  3. Volume isn't about putting on more hair product. He should blow his hair dry in the opposite direction that he's going to comb it. Then when he combs his hair into place it's got a little opposite height. By the time my son had left home I had a bathroom shelf full of hair products, which I ended up using instead of him. Use just a small amount and work it into the roots, then dry.

    Utube might be a good place for him to look.

    I'm not keen on piercings or tattoos. I always said if they wanted a tattoo that they should get a henna one first. Luckily neither son ever did that.

    What girls really like is boys who're well mannered, interesting and smell good.