Thursday, 8 May 2014

Whose is the dress

My dress speaking to all spanish speaking ladies. 
Do you recognise me? I'm thrifted and a dry cleaner's sticker is attached to me. It's in spanish. What might have happened to the lady who bought me? Do you know her? Have you seen me around?
These are the thoughts that kept me awake last night. No wonder it takes so long to adjust to reality in the morning! Seriously, what might have happened to my dress?
Who send it to the dry cleaner's only to forget about it? 
Or who brought it home only to put it in the throw away pile?
Did the woman put on a lot of weight and didn't fit no more?
Did she win the lottery and had so much money to buy Chanel and the likes and couldn't bother with it any more?
Or the most horrible of all, the woman had no chance to wear it because she had a sudden death.
The questionnaire got bigger and bigger and I had no one to share my thoughts with.
Well, I tried with my husband in the morning. He called his mother to check if she could stay with our children in case things get worse. You get the picture!
So you are my only hope. What do you think might have happened? Do you ever wonder who previous owners were when you thrift? Did you have a similar experience? Am I hopeless in investigation?
Your bonus?
 Floating lemons!!!???
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  1. Pretty dress- very cute with the dotted blouse! xo

  2. Well, whatever its story, it's a wonderful dress, and it looks adorable with the dotty blouse.
    Yes, I wonder about the history of my secondhand clothing, especially if it's something really fancy or foreign. I can make up all sorts of stories about those vintage frocks! xxx

  3. yes - i think often what could be the history of a second hand garment....
    i have a norwegian 50´s coat with a stabbing in the back - i´d not recognized it until home because of the busy wooly tweed. but in the lining its clear visible. thank goddess no blood stains ;-)
    the dress looks fun and brown and pink are one of my fav combinations.

  4. I always make up stories too, esp. when the dry cleaner ticket is still attached! It's a lovely dress. xox

  5. Great dress with the dotty blouse and crochet collar, lovely photos too. I often wonder about the stories our thrifted clothes could tell about previous owners and places they have been.

  6. It is a happy dress. The woman who used to own it had a rule about purging something from her closet when she got something new. So after loving the dress well she decided it must go to a new home. She had it cleaned because she always looks after he clothes, and she passed it along to a charity shop. Someone bought it hastily, not trying it on and packed it in a suitcase for taking trip. On that trip she discovered the dress did not fit her well so she donated it to a charity shop in your town.

    It looks great with the sweet dotted blouse! And I love the floating lemons.

  7. Wonderful dress, Kelly...but even more wonderful is the fun way you've styled it with the cute pink polka dot top, crocheted collar, and pretty necklace. Once again, I love how the shade of your lipstick matches the color in the collar.

  8. Oooh I like to think of the clothes next adventures and the fun we have with them, they become immortal, their lives keep going! it's a happy dress, definitely and you wear it gorgeously with your crochet collar and dotty blouse! and I love the floating lemons! x x x

  9. I love your loooong necklace! And of course I wonder too about my secondhand treasures. I often wonder if someone sees me walking around town in their clothes. I hope they think I've done them justice :-) you definitely rock this dress, and no one would be disappointed to see you in it!

  10. I see you are pink ready for tomorrow Share-in-Style, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I lov clothes that free the imagination.
    Love and sunshine, dear friend