Sunday, 11 May 2014

A dress for a week challenge- Blue Sunday dress

I really wanted to make this outfit work. You want to know why? Because this dress inspires me!

If you let me loose I could wear it non stop in 100 ways. Which I might do if I run out of challenges.

For the moment I have to make just one outfit so I'm going to pull out what's hanging next to it in the mess I call wardrobe. And you thought I put together outfits in more sophisticated ways! Sorry I spoiled it!

I wish things were that easy in real life ,too. Or maybe they are! Just go for whatever is there next to you!

 Outfit details*dress and silk shirt C&A thrifted *strippes top Zara *favorite belt blog accessories*beads and red/leopard platforms local market

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  1. Gorgeous mix of patterns, Angie! Love your yet another crazy ring (I've a soft spot for such huge rings as well). Blue suits you so well! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. "Just go for whatever is there next to you!"
    i think you catched the essence of life :-)
    love your pattern mixing and navy stripe-y tops are always a win in my book!
    fab shoes!!!!

  3. You are inspiring me no end with your challenges and now your system of just wear whatever is next in the wardrobe - genius.

  4. I'm loving your shoes! What great mix, red and leopard print. And the pull the next one out design technique works beautifully for you. I must try it. Also love the ring and the belt and the flirty skirt. So much fabulousness :-)

  5. Loving your pattern mixing , looks great together :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I am a new follower by GFC, would love you to stop by my Creative Mondays blog hop and share your outfit on my hop?

    Happy Monday...

  6. Love th pattern mixing and those gorgeous nails! x

  7. Love the shoes and great pattern mixing, a great post !.