Thursday, 15 May 2014

A dress a day for a week challenge- Black

Ι always find the end of the school year the most difficult period. The main reason I have figured is the ingreasingly hot weather.

It affects kids and adults in certain ways like complete lack of concentration, constant day dreaming of beaches and outdoor activities and a kind of lethargic mood that only high temperatures can give.

And while adults more or less deal with it and stay focused most of the time kids totally lose it. With the exeption of the first hours when it's somewhat fresher the rest of the hot day is a drag.

So a teacher has to deal with more fights, more moody children, less disciplined classes and a growing impatience for school to finish so that summer holidays  start!

That's the situation I'm struggling with at the moment. It's not that big deal in a time that 28% of my fellow citizens are unemployed (60% among young people) and 3.000.000 have no medical insurance in a population of 11.000.000 people.

I just wanted to give you an idea of what  I dealt with this morning dressed in black clothes. By the way I got many compliments by the kids and fellow teachers! And the shoes were a hit! I'm convinced that people adore leopard print shoes!

Outfit details * black dress M&S * black lace vest thrifted *shoes local market .
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  1. The lace overlay and leopard print wedges certainly add some va-va-voom - you look great!
    Times are really tough in Greece, I guess those who have jobs feel lucky, no matter how hard they find it. xxx

  2. A great idea to add the lace over the dress! Yes, leopard shoes are awwwwwwesome!. :)

  3. You look terrific, Angie - I like the lacy black with cute, open sandals, very summery! xox

  4. Hi thank you for your comments on my blog :)
    I use to post and read blogs every day but lately its been a but more difficult, however I still do and plan to.
    I like your dress, and if i understand correctly you are wearing one dress for one week ? I did this once with a black shirt, wore it everyday to work, just changed it up a bit and i think nobody noticed !

  5. I love this outfit! It looks fresh and cute. As a former teacher I know exactly what you mean. School goes right to the very end of June here and things got difficult by May. The last two weeks were just trying to come up with fun activities that would seem serious enough to keep the kids busy and focused. Hang in there! I'll help you count down the days.

  6. Great challenge - I love dresses as well, they're such an easy way to put together an outfit! Thank you for following :)

  7. i can send you some of the arctic cold we face at the moment.....
    black and lace under a bright mediterranean sky has something special to me - oldschool elegant femininity or so. can´t even find words for. even in german.
    so now i have to look after the coal oven - yes, it´s that cold!

  8. Black looks so good against that beautiful blue sky! those leopard wedges are gorgeous! x

  9. I love the dress , and the shoes are awesome ! , you cannot beat a bit of leopard print xxx.