Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I can do series- Normal

I can do normal. This is not a ground breaking statement. It just means I'm able to wear employee/office stuff like a skirt, a shirt and a cardigan. It's a piece of cake isn't it?
 On a second thought , upon looking at the photos who would choose an olive cardigan instead of a neutral colored one?
Who would go for a plaid shirt instead for a white or black, blue or grey?
And who would go for a camel skirt when there is a black/brown or dark blue option?
 Well, maybe I fool myself and I can't do normal. That's why perfect strangers get surprised when I talk to them and say I'm very grounded and I speak like a normal person after all.

 Now, I get where this after all comes from. Well, I can't do normal or can I? What do you think?!!


  1. You can do normal! But you still have that Angie touch, like the crocheted flower : >

    1. How would you call those who buy the spagetti shoe?

  2. I loooove olive green... I'd pick it any day over many other colors. :)

    You are such a teaser! ;) Of course you can look anything you want or decide to. I often think of things like that. I can imagine anybody in any sort of clothes. I have a pretty vivid imagination. :)) What really makes us unique, are our personalities, the way we live our lives and express ourselves in the world. Those are all very different, all over the place. The trick is to learn to express your own very unique personality via fashion/style, at least it is to me... Just like all those colors and patterns pop out of your "normal" outfit, that is the way you express your creative, lovely, colorful, quirky self via somewhat "office-ish" kind of outfit. Anyway, is there such a thing as "normal"? If there is, I don't want to be it. :)

  3. Do you live inside my head? Now I know what happened to you today. You forgot creative Natalia at home!
    We are hpeless with normal. I don't mind,do you?

  4. Normal? Why would you want to do normal? That's no fun! You do Angie and that is just perfect for you. I love olive green too and it looks great on you! I love the way you did the belt and the crocheted flower and your cute poses.

  5. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! So fun and who wants to be normal anyway. I'll be back. Rachel xx

  6. Nope sorry you fail the normal exam! But you excel at the being your colourful special self! Love the crocheted flower, the leopard print belt, the orange striped bag and the grin on your face :-)

  7. Normal is overrated and besides the best people are never normal! Greta outfit, love the crochet flower and the bag reminds me of tigers! x

  8. You look fabulous, and full of joy, my dear kelly, so up my alley.

  9. luckily you can´t do "normal" :-)
    i read somewhere that life is to short for boring clothes....
    and i think that the colors and patterns we wear influence our mood more then we think = see all the grumpy people in dull outfits.
    i even get lighthearted when i hang hubbys bright pastel colored/patterned shirts after washing :-)

  10. You are so funny! 'perfect strangers get surprised.....I speak like a normal person' I love it!!! ahhh 'normal' is so over-rated I much prefer crochet flowers, olive cardigans blue checks and you! x x x