Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I have a nice feeling with the skirt I'm wearing today! It's a tight skirt but not an uncomfortable one! It hugs my body but not restrict it. It's strange because the material is thin but isn't elastic. This feeling asks for lots of repeats. so I wear this skirt again today.

What qualities have the clothes you repeat? For me it's comfort and versatility in color and layering.

 Outfit details *shirt Berska *skirt thrifted * belt fullah sugah * flower crocheted by me* shoes local

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  1. Very cute, Angie! I really do love that skirt! I look forward to seeing all the different ways you style it.

  2. Gingham is one of my favourites! and I adore it with your skirt, it's so pretty, of course it all looks wonderful with your signature crochet flower x x x

  3. i missed so many cute outfits in this last week!
    i love the light blue/white dots dress and the red skirt most. nice to see someone doing colors so very good. and because you asked - from time to time i wear red from head to toe. but i´m not responsible for passers tripping over they´r own feet ;-)

  4. You are so clever in how you put your outfits together , best wishes .