Saturday, 10 May 2014

A dress a day for a week challenge- Shift dress I made

 Let's face it! Or better let me face it, I've got more clothes than I care to wear! I'm having the queen's wardrobe without shooting my family's economics dead (nor my husband who's not very happy with my spending ). And I'm so happy for not shooting either.

But what's the point of having so many clothes if I don't wear them all? O.K I could use a couple to decorate my bedroom walls but other than that I must wear all my clothes.

Before you say something like ...Oh! it took you so long to figure that out and disappear, I will explain myself because I'm sure I can make perfect sense.

outfit details *sewn by me dress* animal print shirt thrifted*skist berska *little bag"s embellishment crochet by me* bangles present from mum
I will make up little weekly challenges like a dress a day for a week to rotate my clothes and wear most of it. See, I haven't lost it yet!

 Today, I start with the first challenge and I wear the dress I sew this winter in all its animal print details glory plus a skirt that happened to lie around.The accessories were all given to me by my mum .

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  1. I really, really like the way you layered all the pieces here - love the shapes and patterns mix! Your ring is so crazy pretty! Great job, Angie!

    I understand what you mean here and can relate to it, though I don't have a queen's wardrobe, but definitely have plenty to wer/play with. At some point, I decided that I just really want to play with what I have rather then accumulating more pieces which I don't have time/occasions to enjoy.

    I'll be very interested in your dress week, dear!

  2. I followed you over from Bella's Secondhand First and am glad I did. I love your mixing of textures in this outfit. I feel a bit guilty for clothes I keep in my closet but rarely, if ever, wear. But I agree with (what I heard to be) your sentiment: the goal is to find a way to wear those beloved misfits more, rather than toss them away.

  3. Wonderful look and layers, Angie. I try to wear all my clothes, or else I donate them. I like a smaller closet! xo

  4. I love it! I'm inspired. You are so sweet in your brown and turquoise :-) not to mention your lovely crocheted bag! And your matching nails. Jazz

  5. You look gorgeous, love the skirt and the layering. I try to customise my things to make them different or I donate them as well. I don't like when all my clothes are stuffed or un-organized. Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you have a lovely Sunday xx

  6. So cute, Angie! I love the layers and mixed patterns. The pattern in the top skirt layer is my favourite but it's so amazing mixed with the other patterns. I love brown and really like it with blues, especially turquoise like your ring.