Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My elections dress

It's been quite busy at the moment at my little part of the world, in Greece. As I have already said it was elections time this past  Sunday and it will be elections time again this Sunday that is second round for local elections and vote for European Council.
I didn't care about politics before but after crisis fell like a hurricane in Greece I felt I had the obligation to find out what went wrong and how it will never happen again. To find what really happened. I did my recearch about recessions , I read a lot of history after the second world war in Europe, I followed the story of several south American countries etc and came down to a few conclusions. A fashion blog is not the right place to say more.
But I need to say one more thing. The more I made my recearch the more I became alert of the huge propaganda that goes on full force via tv and the press. Common sense and critical thought   of whole generations have been destroyed by this propaganda. What is happening in my country is history in the making and  somehow I feel it demands my constant attention.
On a different note I managed to take photos of two of my outfits and I had no time to go through your posts but I will because I missed all of you.

I found this lightweight dress some time last year in an open air bazaar and I fell in love with its 50s aesthetics. Where I live is not possible to buy 50s or older garments unless you have relatives and you can somehow hunt down. So this dress is new but has the 50s vibe and I assure you it was tricky to style because it was a size bigger and I had to  look adult in it. Tell me if I succeeded in both.  After all this was my elections dress and many people I know saw me in this.
Accidently while I was painting my nails in late evening a few drops of the nail paint fell on the dress.
I quickly put aceton to take away the color but some stains remained. You know of ways to make the stains go? Something you tried and worked?

I'm off to catch up with you!!!
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  1. You have pulled of looking both adult and really cute! I love the dress and you look great in it! Politics are often a rather dull subject until we find something really affecting us. Good for you for informing yourself and voting to make a difference!

  2. That's a fabulous dress, I love the pumps and the crochet corsage, too. Its our election day tomorrow. Must plan an outfit! x

  3. I think you did wonderful - you look so fresh and youthful in it! Lovely shoes too. :)

  4. I love this look on you ! what a great dress and shoes are great too, thank you for your comment you left on my last blog post, it made me smile ! with love from Alfie and Les xxx.

  5. I think the dress looks wonderful, it's a gorgeous dress! I love gingham and peter pan collars and your crochet flowers! always lovely - I don't have any advice on the nail polish spots on the dress, so sorry but I do hope a clever person can help you with the stain x x x

  6. Very pretty! I love the green accents with the flower and the shoes.