Monday, 26 May 2014

3 more outfits

For some reason I am left with 3 outfits I haven't posted but wore the last couple of days. I take the day of but you still can have 3 more versions of what I wear everyday.

Earth tones , my favorite jacket at the moment and the short dress worn here and here  but this time as a shirt were the elements of my inspiration on Friday.

On Saturday the whole family spent the day in the fishing village we spend our summer and work in our family business .

See, a tree is growing out of my daughter's head!

 I thrifted the pencil skirt the other day and I had this combination in mind. Jacket and skirt form a suit that for me it has 40s vibe. The skirt is super comfortable and flatters .

 Belt defines, shoes and scarf give the vibrant red tones and my bag and nails match.

What more should I want from an outfit with total cost of 10euro? Excluding the bag.


  1. I love the pattern on that skirt and it look great with that jacket! I also love those red shoes. Your daughter is quite adorable and even looks great when a tree grows out of her head.

  2. What a great outfit , ! especially as only 10 euros , best wishes x.

  3. I love that jacket, and the brown stripy dress. You even look good with a tree growing out of your head! What a great place to spend Summer. :-)

  4. Your photos always make me smile Angie - looking good xx

  5. Oh, now i see the dress without the jacket - it's as beautiful as I imagined!
    I also like it here with the t shirt.