Saturday, 24 May 2014

Personal style vs trends

After wearing some of my dresses for the last 10 days I was so ready for the skirt/ top combination. Not a shift that would change the world but a small note of playfull on a serious  activities day.

I own so few red colored pieces I could easily count. It's 3, this skirt, a tank top and a linen short jacket. I absolutely have no explenation because I love red but maybe I'm scarred of its intensity or maybe the association with vulgar many years ago. How do you feel towards red in big doses?

What I hold in my hands is the In style magazine of June. Honestly, by looking at the pages I can tell that I've never been so out of fashion in my life before! Whatever I own and rotate lately are non existant in the trends reports. If I take the reports seriously, I'm officially out of fashion. And this in a period in my life that I feel I'm the best dressed I 've ever been. I have discovered my inner stylista only to find out how out of fashion I am according to In style magazine. But I feel fine!!!

Outfit details *Skirt thrifted and shortened by me *shirt gift by a friend *scarf zara 4 years old * favorite thin belt Stradivarious 3 years ago and falling apart * bling 1-5 euro *Blue pocket for my mobile also a gift * shoes palatino, very comfortable.

My question is Who needs trends??? My answer People who don't have their own style yet. And in this sense this kind of magazines can be used as a guide to discover personal style!

I'm in the company of stylish Sacramento  and it's all about red!


  1. Very nice skirt, Kelly. I like the color.
    I have just been discovering (over the last couple-few years) so many things I'd never known or tried before in fashion....such as a simple thing like wearing a button down shirt. I'd never done it before! And I used to hate to layer because I didn't like the bulky feel or added aggravation of extra pieces....but now I enjoy it. I cannot say I am ever "on trend" with my wardrobe. Just trying to find my own style that suits "me".

  2. I love your skirt! The colors are amazing! Also love to read the In Style magazine :)
    Beautiful nailpolish :)


  3. Don't worry about trends! But the magazine is fun for looking at on the airplane : > And you look great in your skirt and top today. xox

  4. I've been having the same thought lately! The people who follow the trends are those who are too scared to break the rules and invent one of their own. You rock your style. And I absolutely love red. Today was a little excessive - red shoes, socks, pants (spots), jacket, hat and bag! Good on you for being adventurous. You look much happier than the trendy models :-D

  5. I completely agree - why do we need anyone to tell us what to wear? To tell us what we wore quite happily last year is no good any more? It's nonsense! Like you, I have never been so unfashionable, or dressed so well! You look fantastic in red, Angie, and ought to wear it more. I love red, I always feel great in a red dress. xxx

  6. haha...I never agree with the "in and out" lists in is so personal...trends not so much...I'd rather be stylish than trendy...that way you're always in because style always stays in!

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae

  7. These are such happy photos Angie, you look great and love your nails xx

  8. It's interesting what you are saying because you look very up to date to me, I am serious. :) I don't read magazines, but I know that I learn about current trends via blogs a lot - sort of unintentionally, but I am up to speed. Here is what I see. Trends are not evil, like anything else in life it is all about how you use it. You can be a blind slave, or you can simply take it as an inspiration and go wild with it - create and be free. If it resonates with you, then do it. If it doesn't, then don't.

    I love your little red skirt - the stripes are so fun! Red is very loud, and I barely had red things when I was younger. I embrace all colors these days. We have different moods, so why stick with the same colors over and over again?

    With love xxx

  9. You look really good in that red and white combination but I suspect you would look great in all red too. In Style Magazine is possibly one of the better fashion magazines for being realistic, in my opinion, but it is still intended to sell us clothes and cosmetic products, still gives us articles based on who the advertisers are and so it has to be taken with a large grain of salt. I have never particularly attempted to be trendy or fashionable, though I do take note of the trends and if I like some of them I may buy or resurrect them. I don't like to wear most of the things deemed essential, like a white button down shirt or a trench coat and I don't wear heels as high as the kind mostly featured in fashion magazines.
    You always look great, happy, stylish and individual. that is so much better.

  10. Fabulous chic and casual.
    Thank you for being part of Share-in-Style, my dear friend

  11. You look wonderful in red, i always find when i wear red it always makes me feel bright and happy, and i just wear what i like, i do not follow trends and hopefully i look ok, best wishes x..