Friday, 30 May 2014

Something simple

I had to put on something really quick andeasy today because I'm very busy and when life demands a lot of me I try to dress simple.

You can't beat a dress/jacket combination, both thrifted, of course. I put on accessories the last minute and I went out the door!

I had no love for jackets before but as I discovered they define the silhouette and add tones of elegance if only if the fit is good. For me it has to be small, rather short and with defined waist.

I scored 6 pieces of jewellery today for just 3 euro! This set of earthy toned bangles is the first.

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  1. Simple and pretty. Great sandals, xox.

  2. Very very pretty, Angie! I don't know how it is simple :) - but I love it! Oddly enough, I wore the same colors last night, love this combination. Seems like you scored with your jewelry! xxx

  3. You have definitely found the right jacket for you and I"d say you've mastered throwing on something simple and chic. That is quite a jewelry score! Well done! Have a lovely weekend, Angie!

  4. Lovely earthy tones, a very chic outfit! xxx

  5. So cute...I love all your fun accessories :)

    <a href="”>Natasha ~ TashaDelrae</a>

  6. Love the colours of this outfit. And the sandals are really so pretty and suit the look perfectly. Nice choice of accessories too.

  7. Great colours and chic outfit ! best wishes to you .

  8. What a pretty dress, I'd love to see it without the jacket.
    And of course, the accessories - I see that like me, you love a good accessory.