Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A dress a day for a week challenge -Tribal dress & plaid

Have you noticed that every dress I own sooner or later gets the blue plaid shirt treatment?

Every newcomer in the form of a dress has to be combined with it usually with great results!
It's my go to shirt and I can wear it with everything I own.

I might take it with me to the grave! Well, I plan to live happily for a long time and besides it's already falling apart to pieces.

That's why I wear it under dresses or cardis so that its falling..... apartness is not visible.  Do you do that with your clothes? Wear them in certain ways so their flaws( too short, too tight, stains, cuts you name it) are not visible?

Outfit details *dress promod *plaid shirt... in chorus... H&M *shoes zara (worn about 15 times and falling apart,too).


  1. so cute! You're on the roof, yeah? Great pictures. xox

  2. You are colorful as ever! Great print on that dress. I don't usually wear clothes till it falls apart, but yes, I had a couple of beloved pieces which eventually did. The main trick is to not let it fall apart WHILE you are wearing them! That could be a big oopsy! :) Hugs!

  3. Your shirt matches the sky! Yes, I have pieces that need to be worn in a particular way/combination to hide a flaw or problem, but that's fine. A couple of skirts that don't fasten? Wear them with a wide belt. A blouse I love but is a little tight? Wear it underneath a dress, as you have here. Anything that is really trashed or ill-fitting has to go in the end though. xxx

  4. The idea of plaid and tribal mixed together makes me happy. That blue is also a means to happiness. Gorgeous color on you.

  5. Great outfit and love the background, too! Most of my clothes are at least 40 years old so yes, lots of things that need disguising, that makes an outfit more interesting, I think. x

  6. Sooooooooooooooooo fabulous and happy, dear Kelly

  7. great dress!
    i´m a huge fan of pattern/print mixing. you do it very good!

    because i can sew i have no clothes with flaws :-)
    and i don´t like to wear something that fits not perfectly or has stains or such. some patina is ok.

  8. I've seen several plaid shirt combinations on Pinterest lately. I don't know if I would have put these two colors together, but it's fresh. I think the two big patterns -plaid and dress- go well together.