Friday, 16 May 2014

A dress a day for a week challenge-brown dress

Ιt's elections time this Sunday. People in Greece will vote for local authorities. There is so much rage and disappointment against the goverment but also so much propaganda and fear about the future that there is no way to know how peope will vote. There are  hopes  that the local elections will be like a referendum to show the goverment the way out.
With elections on the way schools will be closed  both on Friday and Monday because people go there to vote and preparations have to be made. This gives us teachers a looong weekend! And what's best to wear at the begining of this long weekend? Well, of course another dress!


To make it special I wore it with a scarf and a thin belt. Somehow thin belts seem to match my body type lately or I have found a way to place them at exactly the right place around my waist so I get the proportions thing right! Has something similar  happened to you ?

On another note I'm giving my daughter the bad example. Look at those slippers and the fancy posing!

I leave you with a kiss and high hopes that the European elections next week will open the way to more democracy and put humans before money once again!


  1. What an interesting print on that dress! You styled it so well, I love it!

    And you daughter is so beautiful - what a gorgeous smile!

  2. Love that dress, the print is fab and the length is perfect. your daughter is so cute.
    Enjoy your long weekend! x

  3. Lovely dresses this week Angie. Your daughter is a sweetheart. Enjoy the long weekend xx

  4. Your daughter is so adorable! Good thoughts for your elections, I hope things improve for you all.

  5. How cute is your daughter!? :)
    I always have trouble with belts working with my waistline.
    Yours looks perfect though. Love the color of the belt with the dress and then the addition of the pretty blue to go with the brown.

  6. Such a cute dress on you! I will admit I am not a fan of belts - they do create a pretty proportion when chosen well (like you did here), but so uncomfortable to wear... With the exception of fabric or stretchy belts! Those I like. :)

    Your daughters will learn lots of good stuff from you and your blogging - a positive self-image for one. Look at your cutie, she is already so feminine! :) xxx

  7. I love that dress. It's so cute and looks great on you! Your daughter is adorable and she has your sense of fun! I have an assortment of belts but not always the right thing for an outfit. Some of my belts are sized to go round my hips and thus to big for my waist.

    I hope your long weekend is great!

  8. I hope your elections work out well for you all, good luck.
    You look wonderful in all of your outfits! you dress is so lovely and with your trademark corsage flower. Your daughter is adorable! enjoy your lovely long weekend too! x x x I'm sorry I'm so late x x x

  9. Such cute pictures! I love your blog - just followed! ♥
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


  10. Beautiful doughters :) you look fantastic :) very pretty dress
    Have a lovely Sunday hugs Beata

  11. Some dresses just look better with thin belts. I like the flower it adds pop.

  12. You look hot Kelly!!! Love the dress on you. Your daughter is pretty too!!!

  13. We had elections two weeks ago.
    Here the corruption is just over the top - the entire country voted against the president we have now as he was trying to re elect himself through his wife as a vice-presidential candidate… fortunately he lost. I hope that you have a good honest option to vote for.

  14. Gorgeous dress , gorgeous Mum and daughter x.