Friday, 23 May 2014

A dress a day for a week challenge- Hard to style dress

I bought this dress a few months ago but never wore it before because it seemed difficult to style. It's lightweight and clearly a summer cloth so I had to wait until it got warmer,too.

It's an English brand called Wallis. I checked their site and they make nice affordable dresses. Mine obviously is from a much older collection but I can't say when.

 Anyway, I woke up this morning and I knew exactly how to style it. You see the dress has a huge collar in white so I made the white continue in my upper body by wearing a simple white tshirt on top.

Then I put   on my beige cotton cardigan given to me by a friend and tied everything with my leopard print belt and was ready to face the world. I'm very proud that I managed to style a sort of granny dress into something wearable.

I still have doubts if it's age appropriate or well put together. I want my style of dressing to be considered normal but with a twist. I don't want to provoke, I'm not a teen anymore but to insert something playful and unexpected in my outfits. And I'm greatful that I can find lots of unexpected pieces at my local market for just a few bucks.
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  1. I think you did a good job, Angie. I really like these 980's/90's print dresses and bought a couple from eBay. Love your nails! xox

  2. I like a somewhat 40s feel of your outfit! Definitely, not provoking - but very sweet and adorable, with your own quirky details, as always. Good job! :) xxx

  3. I think you style your clothes beautifully, this is a great outfit and it works so well, again I do love a collar on a dress! and your nails are fabulous!

  4. You have done a great job , i love the blues of your dress and bag ,have a good weekend best wishes x.

  5. Angie you are clearly the queen of layering. Love how you've styled this dress. Gorgeous nails!!!

  6. I think you look totally appropriate with your own creative spin. I love the way you tie your belt and I think the smile and glow you wear on your face is the best part of all. I love the way you have mixed blues with your dress and accessories. Lovely, Angie!