Monday, 19 July 2010


This is a photo of my wardrobe. Why on earth do I get so much pleasure out of organising it ,looking for combinations of clothes ,wanting to know exactly what I own and then admire or just spend time looking at my clothes. Like they wishper stories to me or are about to make a revelation of some kind.

I will make a record of my summer wardrobe just because I like it.
black and beige retro inspired dress(self made) 20euro
little black dress(Marks &Spencer)45euro
printed linen dress retro inspired (self made)16euro
jersey patterned dress wrap around like(given to me)
white cotton blouse no sleeves(made by me)
white t shirt (given by my mom)
white shirt short sleeves(given to me by mummy)
red sripes t shirt(zara)10euro
blue checkered shirt(given by mom)
pink checkered shirt(given by you know who)
red checkered shirt (bershka)12euro
pink no sleeves blouse (given by mom)
yellow long sleeve cotton t shirt(zara)10euro
bright pink long sleeve cotton t shirt(zara)10euro
dusty red cardi(zara)10euro
black cardi (marks &spencer)35euro
patterned blouse(self made)5euro
liberty print camisole(hand made by my aunt)
floral cotton t shirt (zara)10euro
light blue top (hand made by my aunt)
bright pink camisole(given to me by mom)
dusty red camisole(given by mom)
dusty red lace top (given by mom)
 floral print skirt(self made)2.5euro
light denim skirt(zara)25euro
dark denim skirt(zara)35euro
dark denim skirt(max mara)70euro
dark denim trousers(levi's)90euro
light denim trousers(zara)19euro

The revelation is already made ...I have way too many tops ,I only have denim bottoms and I paid way too much money.

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