Saturday, 5 September 2015

What I did this summer

Hello everybody! I somehow feel I owe you an explanation but since the reason I was away for 2 months is simply called procastrination and feeling quilty about it which leads to more procastrination ... I will just post some photos of what I did this summer in beautiful Crete.

 This summer started with clouds and sporadic rains

But the nature kept being beautiful...

                     even when the capital controls were forced and for a while...activity froze

But nature kept being beautiful and after the initial went on as usual

 By mid of July a  heatwave came and lasted ...well it seemed for ever

And of course I worked in our company helping husband with renting cars to people who vivited our beautiful island Crete

In the begining of July was the big referendum, a great  political event, the result of which was twisted according to many of my fellow citizens and me.

But it wasn't all work, politics and taking photos of nature!

                                           Amigurumis were made together with little Miss

                                                            Bread recipees were tried

          And tidy methods were put to the test...Marie Kondo's the best so far

                                                         Little Miss's Closet before and after

It was the summer I purged 2/3 of our belongings and re examined where we keep everything that was left. And finally, bedcovers were bought, minimal style, for the whole family.

                   All in all it was a nice... although blog shy summer. I'll catch up with you soon!


  1. wahoooo!!!!
    angie is back!!!! roll in a barrel of retsina!!!
    beautiful photos my dear! and missy is sooo cute!
    do you know - when a snake is shedding her old skin she hides under some rocks - and after a while she comes out in the sun with a wonderful patterned new skin :-)
    i´m soo glad you and your family are well!!!

  2. yay, you are back! Crete is a piece of heaven on earth. I am doing Marie Kondo on my closet now. Very liberating! xo

  3. In summer many bloggers become less frequent with posting including me. As you say nature is beautiful,and everybody prefer to enjoy it instead of spending time on computers. Nice to have you back and nice to know that your summer was rather good.

  4. Yay! Missed you. Crete is so gorgeous. I've always wanted to visit Greece and Turkey. Wouldn't it be amazing if I visited you one day? Well, I can dream. Beautiful photos-scenery and daughter! I am looking forward to seeing more of your adventures in a minimalist wardrobe. I've been purging mine heavily too because I just want simplicity. I have also tried out the Marie Kondo method of folding and it's amazing! I am working on purging and clearing out storage cupboards and even got brave and shredded old papers. My spare bedroom is full of clothing and household items ready to be donated to charity and a truck is coming around next Wednesday to pick it all up. I feel lighter already!
    I'm glad that your absence was just procrastination and nothing worse. xoxoxo

  5. Happy return, Kelly! Crete is a gorgeous place, no wonder you took time off blogging this summer. Your daughter is adorable, and you seem to be very content with your life.

  6. Oh wow how many beautiful pictures ! and yes I followed all that happened and continues to happening Greece over the news.
    I absolutely love your houndstooth bed cover, it's my fave print.

  7. Beautiful nature indeed!
    I am going through a similar simplifying process. Hopefully by the end of Summer I will be as well organised as you.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. I love seeing all of these photos and reading about how the purging is going. I am doing that too. Exhausted and struggling to blog and read blogs but I have missed yours and am glad to see you popping back now. I am a whole month late to this one! Yikes-I guess that shows how far behind I am. xoxoxo

  9. I want to blog with all my heart but life gets in the way and I somehow don't. But I keep being creative in other areas so it's not all that bad. or maybe I want to change direction and I have to wait until all clears up. Thanks for your reply and I hope the purging goes strong. it's life changing, believe me.