Friday, 27 August 2010

My cotton T shirt collection

I bought these cuties 3 summers ago .It was one of my first conscious buys .I was shopping for basics and it was the first time I bought something red since I was a kid.I wear those two hard and every time I do my face lights up.Seriously.

I bought those from the same big retailer the same day as the ones before 3 summers ago. Nude shades were big hit this summer.They have proved quite versatile basic pieces and because this shade doesn't really compliment my skin   I often wear them with colourful scarves.The third one makes for good preppy styles that i love.

Guess what !!! I bought this super nice green top the same day ,same place as the ones above. that much you can tell. What you cannot tell is how supple is the weave of those T shirts. They are thick enough to fold  my body nicely  and thin enough that I can wear during the hot summer months.

Although navy blue is a basic easy colour I don't make much use of it .Maybe I should try harder bacause the fit of this cotton t shirt is really good. I take notice.

White,way basic and I have worn it a million times.I bought it the same day as the ones above and it was the best stylistic decision I've made so far as these t shirts have proved the back bone of my wardrobe.

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